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INTRODUCING THE "LAW" litter                                 Whelped: June 28th, 2010
One Companion Quality male puppy still available for sale.
Sire: CH Legancy's Standing Ovation OS & SDHF              
Dam: CH Scion' Tell It To The Judge WC OD
Owners: Jeff & Diane Copper   
"Murphy's" show record speaks for itself.  He has titles on both ends of his registered name shows his versatility.  Murphy's kids are doing well in many areas.  
Sire: CH Odyssey's Gotta Walkman
Dam: Int CH Hillside Over-N-Under CD RN TD
"Spirit" has 8 pts towards her Championship.  She is almost ready for her field titles and will be workin on her next obedience title following this litter.  She has pointed and performance titled offsring
Beaufort, Missouri

We strive for that dog that can do anything its owner wants it to do.  In CONFORMATION(or breed ring) : our dogs that obtained Championships, Group Placements, Show Dog Hall of Fame Members, as well as championships in other countries or organizations.  In OBEDIENCE: our dogs have obtained obedience titles in all levels, Class Placements, High In Trial Winners, as well as obedience titles in other organizations. In RALLY: Again our dogs have obtained titles from RN to RAE, in AKC & other registries  AGILITY: Our dogs have obtained titles in all levels of Agility.  Tracking:  Our dogs have obtained TDs and TDXs...still looking for a VST to have dogs titled at all levels.  FIELD: Our dogs have JH to MH titles in Hunt Test as well as WCs & WCXs. FLYBALL:  Although never shown actively, we had several dogs running flyball. FAMILY COMPANION:  Most of our dogs are family companion first and foremost.  They are easy to live with, they want to be in the activity of the family.  That is our breeding program goal to produce a dog that is not only beautiful to look at, but can do any activity its owner wants to become involved in, that all around dog.
   Our puppies are raised in our home.  They hear & see daily activities in the household.  They are exposed to children, adults, other dogs, other breeds of dogs, and when big enough to go outside they hear and/or see sheep, ducks, cats and many other noises.  In other words very well socialized.  If testers are available, we like to perform a puppy temperament test when puppies are right at seven weeks old.
   The puppies will be given veterinary care as needed.  They will get wormed several times before heading to new homes.  The puppies will be given their first puppy vaccinations and become microchipped, before released to new homes.  We are starting to follow Dr Jean Dodds Vaccination protocol (which will be given to each puppy buyer).  A Veterinary examine will be given to each puppy by DR John Stoltz DVM, of the Washington Veterinary Clinic,also right before being released to new puppy owner..  A complete health record will be given to each puppy buyer.
  All of our dogs used for breeding have been checked for hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, yearly eye examines, heart checks every few years, and many other test for hereditary problems.  We also breed to cleared dogs.  This does not mean that a puppy can not develop a hereditary disorder but we take every steps we know to prevent it.  We strongly feel that no bloodline is clear of hereditary problems, that is why after generations of clearances, a hereditary problem does pop up.  We strive for the best we can.  WE encourage ALL puppy buyers to have the necessary health clearances on their puppy after 1 year of age and report the findings back to us.  If they do that, we can keep an eye on how our breeding program is doing.  Most show quality puppies do get these health clearances and most Pet qualty do not. We are striving to produce the healthiest puppy possible so we need everyone to get these clearances.  Since we do not find it benefical to have dogs spayed or neutered before growing is done (after 24 months since OFA does not feel a dog is done growing until then)... We will refund $300 of your purchase price IF your dog is tested for hip & elbow dysplasia, eye problems, & Heart problems..and spayed or neutered between the age of 24 month and 30 months.
   Also given to each puppy buyer is a puppy packet that contains pictures, clearance information on each parent and handouts about training, grooming, feeding, and performance events.  The puppy will leave with a toy or two that it has shared with its littermates, to help with transition of going to its new home. 
  The puppy will be registered with the HILLSIDE prefix followed by the theme of the litter.  IT may be a song by a certain artist or a phrase with a certain word. We must approve the registered name, but callname can be anything the new owner wishes.
   All COMPANION QUALITY and SHOW QUALITY puppies are raised together, given same treatment, and etc. Quality of each puppy is not clear until our 7 or 8 week  evaluation.  Sometimes on questionable conformation, we may decide to keep puppy longer than 8 weeks.  That is when we determined by the best of our ability, who will be SHOW QUALITY or not.  SHOW QUALITY are puppies we would be very willing to keep for ourselves for breeding and showing purposes.  The SHOW QUALITY puppies are sold on FULL REGISTRATION but are co-owned by us until dog has obtained championship or any other terms as in co-ownership states.  These dogs are priced higher because they are sold on FULL REGISTRATION,  they start at $1700.00 If you just want a family companion or a dog to do performance work and not interested in breeding, then COMPANION QUALITY would suit your purposes just fine.  These puppies are sold on a LIMITED REGISTRATION because they can not be used for breeding or shown in conformation.  They will need to be spayed or neutered and we will co-own these dogs until proof of surgery has been performed.   Most vets want to spay/neuter puppies at early age, we do not feel this is best for the dog.  We feel the dog should be at least 18 months old before these surgeries are performed.   ( Here is a link supporting our reasoning ) .When proof is provided, the the dog will be signed over to puppy buyer.  PET QUALITY price start at $1500.00 (price is determined by stud fee & Litter expenses). See refund details in puppy agreement below. ALSO ANY PUPPY OBTAINING a Breed Championship, an UD in Obedience, an AX or AXJ in Agility or SH in Hunt Test, the owner can purchase next puppy from HILLSIDE for half price.






This Bill of Sale concerns the following puppy:

HILLSIDE ________________________________ AKC NUMBER:______________

(AKC Registered name is required by the seller to carry the HILLSIDE prefix, followed by the theme of the litter.  The theme for this litter is _____________________________ ______)  The call name may be anything the buyer chooses, this ONLY affects the AKC official name.  AKC name must be given to breeder before AKC papers can be filled out.  If Buyer has not notified Seller/Breeder an AKC name, following above guide lines, within three months from the time this bill of sale is dated, the Seller/Breeder will name puppy for Buyer.

DATE OF BIRTH: _________________SEX:_ _______  COLOR:_Golden_______

MICROCHIP NUMBER _________SIRE:_______________________________ AKC NUMBER:__________  SIRE OWNER:_____________________________ DAM:_______________________________   AKC NUMBER:_SR____________

LITTER OWNERS (BREEDER): Sharon, Carl & Caron Rosenkoetter (Hillside Golden Retrievers  of 705 Almond Way, Beaufort, MO 63013  PH: (636)583-1478

E-Mail:  Website:



WORMINGS: The litter was wormed at 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks of age.  The date of the last worming was ___________. with Drontal Plus.  The puppy was given its first dose of heartworm prevention of IVERHEART PLUS in _____________.

VACCINATIONS: We start vaccinating our puppies between 6-7 weeks of age…a full week after weaning.  We recommend following your veterinarian’s schedule for your area, but my veterinarian recommends vaccinating every 3-4 weeks until 16 weeks old.  This puppy received its first DHPPv-Cor on __________ .The next one is due around ______________.

PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: All of our puppies receive a physical exam from my veterinarian: Dr. John Stoltz DVM, Washington Veterinary Clinic, 5585 Hwy 100, Washington, MO. 63090  PH: 636-239-5445.  The exam date for this puppy was ______________________.


PAPERWORK ACCOMPANING THIS BILL OF SALE: Each Puppy Buyer will receive a PUPPY PACKET with their new puppy.  This Puppy Packet will include AKC Papers (if name choice is given), pedigree of each puppy, current health clearance of each parent, health info concerning puppy, feeding instructions, training tips, etc.



___ __  COMPANION QUALITY.  This puppy is sold to the Buyer to serve as a companion dog for Buyer and family.  The companion quality puppy is sold on a Limited AKC Registration.  That means this dog will not be used for breeding or shown in conformation type events at AKC shows.  This dog can exhibit in many types of AKC performance events (Agility, Tracking, Obedience, Rally, Hunt Test, etc).  This dog will be co-owned by breeder until it has been spayed or neutered, upon receiving written statement or invoice from veterinarian performing the surgery, the breeder will sign off of this dog.  The breeder highly recommends not performing this surgery until dog ii at least 18 months old ( see attached article about early spays & neuters) If Buyer would like to upgrade this puppy to SHOW QUALITY, the breeder can do so after the said dog passes all hereditary clearances, has no disqualifying faults as listed in Golden Retriever standard, approved by AKC, buyer submits the increase in price to seller, and pays all expenses to do so.  The buyer has 48 hours to return this puppy for ANY REASON, at their expense, for FULL REFUND.  We highly recommend using this time  to have your veterinarian examine this puppy.  The parents of this litter have been cleared prior to breeding for hereditary problems, but this does not guarantee the puppy free of these hereditary problems.  Every step of prevention has been taken by the breeder & stud owner, to produce a healthy companion animal.  This puppy is NOT guaranteed against having these or other health issues. The purchase price of this puppy includes everything to date except the fees to AKC for AKC registration of individual puppy and HomeAgain for microchip registration fees.  Purchase Price $_______Deposit of $200 was given on: ________________.

The Puppy Buyer will be entitled to a $300 refund if said dog obtains all health clearances ( hip, eye, elbow, & heart) and said dog is spayed or neutered between 24 months and 30 months of age.  To obtain this refund, copies of all OFA  Certificates( pass or fail) and Spay/Neueter form that is included in puppy packet must be filled and sign by performing veterinarian must be sent to breeder before dog is 36 months of age.

*****Other Fees that puppy buyer must  pay are AKC Registration fee is $20.00 made payable to AKC &  HomeAgain Microchip Registration is $17.99 made paybable to Washington Veterinary Clinic*****.(these fees are subject to change according to AKCand/or HomeAgain Fee Schedule)

 THE PUPPY BUYER can get a $300 REFUND after the puppy obtaining hip, elbow, eye & heart clearances and dog is spayed or neutered  between the ages of 24 months to 30 months. Copies of all OFA Documents  and spay/neuter form (that will be included in puppy packet) must be submitted to the Breeder, before dog reaches the age of 36 months.

____ ___  SHOW QUALITY.  This puppy is sold to have the potential to be shown in conformation ring or any performance area and/or to be used in a breeding program that will promote the breed.  The puppy is sold on a FULL Registration, and co-owned with said breeder.  The buyer has 48 hours to return said puppy for ANY REASON, at their expense, for FULL REFUND.  We highly recommend using this time  to have your veterinarian examine this puppy.  The parents of this litter have been cleared prior to breeding for hereditary problems, but this does not guarantee the puppy free of these hereditary problems.  If puppy is found to have these hereditary problems, after this puppy is spayed/neutered, with written proof sent to breeder, the buyer may obtain a new puppy from breeder at ½ cost of new puppy.  The Breeder will sign off of co-ownership, if dog is spayed/neutered, or obtains championship or highest level of any performance area(excluding Rally),provided dog has obtained all clearances and has no disqualifying faults.  All breedings of this dog must be approved on by both owner & co-owner.   The purchase price of this puppy includes everything to date except the fees to AKC for AKC registration of individual puppy and HomeAgain for microchip registration fees.  Purchase Price: $______       Deposit of $200 was given on:____________.

Other Fees that puppy buyer must  pay are AKC Registration fee is $20.00 made payable to AKC &  HomeAgain Microchip Registration is $17.99 made paybable to Washington Veterinary Clinic.(These Fees subject to change according to AKC and/or HomeAgain Fees Scedule)

  The breeder has did hereditary checks on the parents of this puppy as stated above and copies of these clearances are given in the puppy packet.  The breeder does ask each puppy buyer to do hereditary clearances on this puppy at 24-30 months of age and provide this information to the breeder.  This is the only way to keep knowledge on how breeding program is working.  This is not a REQUIREMENT, but a tool to provide healthier dogs in the future…AS a SELLER/BREEDER, we hope BUYER will consider doing these test and providing the breeder with the copies of the clearances.

THE BUYER MAY RETURN THIS DOG AT ANYTIME DURING THE LIFETIME OF THE DOG, at Buyer’s expense and no charge to Seller, for ANY REASON.  The Seller must notify buyer first, if Seller is unable to keep this dog and has first right to the dog.  The buyer MUST NOTIFY the seller of any change of address, phone number, e-mail, etc of owner and dog, during its lifetime.  The buyer agrees to stay in contact with seller/breeder.

  Also any buyer that obtains an AKC championship and/or  performance titles on this dog from any area that count towards parents becoming a outstanding producer, can obtain a future puppy from HILLSIDE, at ½ of purchase price for the future puppy.  A copy of AKC/GRCA certificates with qualifying title must be sent to breeder.




This Bill of Sale has been read and agreed to by the following people:


DATE:_________  SELLER(s) SIGNATURE:________________________________


DATE:_________  SELLER(s) SIGNATURE:________________________________


DATE:_________  SELLER(s) SIGNATURE:________________________________


DATE:_________  BUYER(s) SIGNATURE:________________________________


DATE__________ BUYER(s) SIGNATURE:_________________________________


Buyer Information:





PHONE NUMBER(s):____________________________________________________


E-MAIL ADDRESS:______________________________________________________


See attached sheet











( No Picture Available at this time)

BREEDER: John & Kathy Harrison    PH: 417-546-5743
Sissy Sissy Bang Bang
Born: 1-5-2015
4M & 5 F


BREEDER: Christina Yohe
Dam:Heritage Party of a Lifetime
Due: Feb 2014


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